2014: #wherethedesk

wherethedeskAs 2014 Indie Grits Film Festival artist in residence I worked at a mobile desk that I carted to festival events in downtown Columbia, SC. At the desk I documented the events in drawing on a steno pad, and responded to random requests from festival goers. The drawings were given away after being scanned on the mobile desk’s flatbed scanner and shared via the Indie Grits Twitter.

2014: the #wherethedesk drawings

 #selfie #wherethedesk

#selfie #wherethedesk

2012, 2014: SHTF

SHTF "End of Days" Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, 2012.

SHTF @ One Columbia, Columbia SC, 2014. Photo: OK KeyesSHTF @ One Columbia, Columbia SC, 2014. Photo: OK KeyesDrawings traded for canned goods.

2013: Napkin Drawings

Everlasting Gobstopper Ham

Everlasting Gobstopper Ham

2013: The Banquet Table



A banquet held in honor of itself with hors d’oeuvres served to a solitary guest.
April 2013

2013: Banquet Drawings

Curly Kale and Triangle

Curly Kale and Triangle



pinataspinScreenshot 2017-04-16 21.58.42IMG_14974q9PO

Porch TV: How to Use Your Magical Powers


As part of the exhibitions at 723 Louisa Street Digest, Ashely Brett Chipman and I programmed PorchTV, a pop-up network broadcasting art videos and commercials in my front yard. In addition to featuring other artists’ work, we created a mini-series of instructional videos about magic.



2010: Hard Pretzels

2009: Can it be eggs?

  • First, how would you like your eggs?
  • Second, what is your manifesto?
  • Write your manifesto on a napkin while you wait for or enjoy your eggs.