Illustration & Animation

Clip Art

One of my current projects as an artist has been creating a hand-drawn digital clip art collection, which I then use in my gallery practice to create large scale prints and installations. I also distribute them as stock images where they have a life of their own on the web, and use and reuse the collection in design projects.

The full collection contains several hundred images.


I’ve animated many of my clip art collection, and you can find some of them on GIPHY.

  • Bumper Animation for Signals Docs Shorts

    An intro animation created for a series of documentary shorts produced by Antenna and NOVAC.

Signals Podcast Illustrations

Doodles to accompany Antenna Signals Podcast.

experimental shorts

I also create narrative short animations, such as my recent piece which was included in the 2022 New Orleans Film Festival, titled “We’ll have ice cream after.”